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Collaboration – Food Suppliers

  • Shadowbrook Farm

    Lincoln, NE

    ShadowBrook Farm is a small, family owned diversified vegetable farm. Approximately 10 of our 34 acres are devoted to growing specialty vegetables and herbs chemical free and with non GMO seeds. We are committed to sustainable farming practices, and are devoted to being good stewards of our land. We strive to produce the highest quality and freshest vegetables available.

    We have a herd of dairy goats that provide milk for our Dutch girl Creamery Artisan cheese production. We have 12 acres in alfalfa which we use for our own animals rotational grazing and for making compost.

    We sell at four farmer’s markets in Lincoln and Omaha, at our farm Country Market, and to local grocery stores and restaurants. We also offer a subscription program (CSA) that enables consumers to pre-pay seasonally for our vegetables, cheese and flowers which they select throughout the season (April through early December).

    2201 Denton Rd.
    Lincoln, NE. 68523

    Shadowbrook Farm Website
  • Nebraska Mushroom

    Grand Island, NE

    Nebraska Mushroom is a locally owned and operated small business. Specializing in providing our customers the freshest gourmet and medicinal mushrooms available. We grow all our mushrooms using sustainable farm processes and acquire all our supplies locally when possible. Bringing the infinite benefits of mushrooms to people and planet alike is what makes our world go ‘round.

    1982 Citation way
    Grand Island, NE. 68801

    Nebraska Mushroom Website
  • Grain Place Foods

    Marquette, NE

    Grain Place Foods, located in Marquette, Nebraska two hours west of Omaha, was born from our sister company which is the 270 acre organic farm surrounding our processing and packaging plant. Both still 3 generation family owned companies, farming organically since 1953, and with our first organic certification in 1978, Grain Place Foods works with local, U.S. and worldwide family farms who are dedicated to sustainable agricultural farming practices. All of our grains are certified organic, non-GMO Project verified and kosher with our facility audited by the American Baking Institute. From farm to table, our driving conviction is “How your food is produced does matter!”

    1904 N. Highway 14
    Marquette, NE 68854

    Grain Place Foods Website

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  • Branched Oak Farm

    Raymond, NE

    Certified organic since 2007.  This 240-acre dairy farm located just 15 miles north of Lincoln, Nebraska is committed to preserving the land and creating farmstead products that are healthy and wholesome, free of chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones.
 They take pride in knowing that their products are made with sustainable, certified organic methods, and with a positive impact on the environment.

    17015 NW 70th St
    Raymond, NE 68428

    Branched Oak Farm Website
    • T:(402) 783-2124
  • Heartland Nuts and More

    Valparaiso, NE

    HEARTLAND’S black walnuts are the result of expert scientific research, experimentation and grafting. Most producers let the nut fall off the tree and allow the shell to turn black before harvesting and shelling. This practice turns the nutmeat a darker color and often results in a bitter taste. HEARTLAND harvests the nuts at just the right time while still on the tree. Then we immediately hull, wash and dry them to retain that mild but rich natural walnut flavor.
 Our's produce larger nut meats.

    At HEARTLAND NUTS ‘N MORE we use only the finest improved varieties of grafted nuts. These varieties and specialized handling procedures result in a delicious and larger nutmeat. The nuts are harvested at their peak and carefully processed to give you a mild flavored, superior black walnut. This results in a walnut that has 35% meat, and is sweeter and lighter tasting than traditionally grown walnuts.
 Our's Are Good For You

    206 W 2nd St
    Valparaiso, NE

    Heartland Nuts and More Website

    Heartland Nuts and More Pinterest Page
  • Secluded Farms

    Kennard, NE

    Farming has always been a part of our family history.  We are constantly expanding to provide more farm fresh products to our local markets.  We have thirty resident chickens, tens of thousands of honey bees as well as a large garden and small orchard.  Our orchard has several varieties of apple, peach and pear trees along with a couple cherry trees.
    We use organic practices, yet are not officially "certified" organic.  We believe it is best to strategically use what nature has given us.

    Joni Eitzmann
    16552 Rix Ln
    Kennard, NE 68034-5051

    Secluded Farms Website

    Local Hens Website
  • Schoolhouse Gardens

    Waterloo, NE

    Established in 2000, Ken and Lisa started from the basics ...a few tomatoes , asparagus and perennial iris. In a few short years we've expanded, adding greenhouses, garden employees and a harvest shed with refrigeration. We've added at least 400 asparagus in the last 4 years, expanded our growing varieties every year to include bok choy, edamame, canned goods that remind you of Mom's and the possibilities just keep "growing"! This year we're adding 100 blueberry bushes and are looking forward to the first pick.

    25858 Blondo St.
    Waterloo, NE. 68069

    Schoolhouse Gardens Website
  • Davey Road Ranch

    Raymond, NE

    Davey Road Ranch was established as a “close-to-the-cities” headquarters for Gotschall Organic Grass-fed Beef and Holt Creek Jerseys, which enables efficient marketing of Organic, Grass-fed, Humanely-raised meat and dairy products to the customer base of Lincoln and Omaha. Davey Road Ranch is Certified Organic by Midwest Organic Services Association and Animal Welfare Approved.  We use no chemical herbicides, pesticides, or GMO’s.  We practice rationed rotational grazing to utilize the forage resources and to replenish the soil by alternating animal impact and rest.  We work directly with the Gotschall family at Clover Cove Ranch in Atkinson, Nebraska, Doug and Krista Dittman of Branched Oak Farm, as well as other local landowners to manage their grasslands and optimize the condition of our animals.  If you are a local landowner interested in developing your property into a thriving grassland ecosystem that produces healthy food through large ruminant or multi-species grazing, please contact us.

    6505 West Davey Road
    Raymond, NE 68428

    Davey Road Ranch Website
  • Plum Creek Farms

    Burchard, NE

    Plum Creek Farms is a small, family owned and operated business located just outside the small community of Burchard, Nebraska.  It began as a weekly farm fresh egg delivery, but over the twelve years since we have grown into a leading local provider of farm fresh chicken.  Our chickens are raised and processed on site at our farm, so you know exactly where your food is coming from.  We take pride in the fact that our chickens are free range and farm fresh.  Our chickens have access to the outside year round, with the exception of the coldest winter months.  During those times they are raised in large buildings where they are free to roam around.  Our chickens are not fed antibiotics, so you can be sure that you are getting the highest quality chicken possible.  Plum Creek Farms is owned by Dean and Amy Dvorak.  They operate the farm along with their son Patrick Dvorak, son-in-law Logan Barr, and their two daughters Cara Dvorak and Olivia Barr.   As a leading local provider of farm fresh chicken, we take pride in offering the best chicken around.  Our family is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day, and we look forward to serving you!

    Plum Creek Farms' Website
  • Rhizosphere Farm

    Missouri Valley, IA

    Rhizosphere Farm is inspired by a love of good, locally food grown in a conscious and sustainable way. Their emphasis is on naturally grown (certified) and heirloom varieties. This is their second season and they are so excited to be a part of the Omaha community. They have been farming with organic farms for the last six years and have been fortunate to realize the farm in the area where they grew up.  They look forward to sharing their experience and vegetables with you.

    3306 Lima Trail
    Missouri Valley, IA 51555

    Rhizosphere Website
  • Heartland Elk Guest Ranch

    Valentine, NE

    DISCOVER THE NEBRASKA YOU DIDN’T KNOW WAS HERE Heartland Elk Guest Ranch is your doorway into the hidden wilds of Nebraska. Known by only a few and located a pleasant distance off the beaten path, you’ll discover breath-taking panoramas of pine-covered rolling hills that gently descend into the tranquil Niobrara River.

    90236 Sparks River Road
    Valentine, NE. 69201
    Shane and Brenda Hamilton, Managers

    Heartland Elk Website
  • George Paul Vinegary

    Cody, NE

    George Paul Vinegar is the culmination of nearly a decade of hard work, patience, and perseverance by the Johnson family - George and Karen and their three children Eric, Adam, and Emily.  They wanted their vinegar operation to be as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible, so they embraced strawbale construction. Primarily designed by Emily and built by their family, friends, and neighbors, it is beautiful. They broke ground in May of 2007. The passive solar design and thick bale walls keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The vaulted ceiling in the processing room and stucco finish make it a truly warm and pleasant place to work. Beginning in 2008, their acetobacter cultures started their slow work of turning wines into vinegar. Their first bottled vinegars made with 100% Nebraska fruit were available at our Open House in October 2009.

    George Paul Website
  • Honey Creek Creamery

    Honey Creek, IA

    Honey Creek Creamery is a certified goat dairy located in the Loess Hills  just 10 miles from the Omaha/ Council Bluffs area.   The dairy was formed in 2010 and welcomes tours and cheese tasting at the renovated bunkhouse on the century farm.  Artisan farmstead cheese is crafted by owner, Sharon Oamek, with alfalfa grown by her husband, George, and goat tending and tours by her daughter, Paige.  Honey Creek Creamery aims to create a fresh, lively cheese with a smooth and creamy finish to serve local foodies.  The cheese is a welcome addition to menu items from appetizers to desserts.

    25593 Old Lincoln Hwy, Honey Creek, IA 51542

    Honey Creek Creamery Website
  • Blue Valley Aquaculture

    Sutton, NE

    Blue Valley Aquaculture (BVA) is a family-owned business established in 1999. The farmstead was purchased with the dream of raising fish. Blue Valley sits atop the eastern portion of the Ogallala Aquifer. It provides some of the cleanest water available and is the source of the clear, cold water we use at Blue Valley. They make wise use of this valuable natural resource by raising three different crops. The water first passes through a series of raceways at its natural 52 degrees, perfect for raising Donaldson Steelhead variety. The water then flows outside where it is used in pond culture systems to raise Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass and Hybrid Bluegill. Any excess water is also used to irrigate the cropland surrounding our farm. At Blue Valley, they believe in giving back to the land that supports them.

    812 South Maltby Ave.
    PO Box 220
    Sutton, NE 68979

    Blue Valley Aquaculture Website
  • TD Niche Pork

    Elk Creek, NE

    TD Niche Pork is located 75 miles south of Omaha in Johnson County Nebraska, near Elk Creek.  Travis Dunekacke (pronounced doon-UH-khaki) began his niche pork business in 2007 specifically to produce consistently delicious pork for both restaurants and individuals in Nebraska.  This is accomplished by using breeds of pork with outstanding meat qualit y.  The product is further enhanced by raising hogs in an outdoor, fresh air environment, giving them ample room to exercise, root, and socialize.  The hogs are fed locally produced grains supplemented with the appropriate vitamins and minerals for their age and weight.  Providing a clean growing environment has made antibiotics unnecessary on Dunekacke’s farm.  A lifelong “farm kid,” Travis is happy to be raising hogs on Southeast Nebraska land that has been in his family for 60 years.  Travis raises a variety of Heritage breeds including Berkshire, Duroc Gloucestershire Old Spot, Hereford, Large Black, Mulefoot, Red Wattle, or Tamworth. Elk Creek, NE
  • Dakota Harvest Farm

    Jefferson, SD

    Dakota Harvest Farm is located in very extreme South Dakota, a few miles away from both Iowa and Nebraska. Dakota Harvest Farm raises Dorper lambs in a natural environment. Dorpers are a “hair” sheep rather than wool breed and are specially developed for the quality of their meat.

    All of our lambs are born and raised naturally with their mothers on our pastures so we can guarantee that they’re healthy. They spend their time on pastures getting plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and clean water as they roam. In the winter months, they are fed alfalfa hay, also grown on our farm, to provide them with optimum nutrition and health. In turn, they produce a lean, healthy, nutrient dense and protein rich meat.

    We don’t administer growth hormones or antibiotics. We do not feed any animal byproducts. We do not apply artificial fertilizers or chemicals on our pastures.

    Bob and Barb Corio
    33565 Dakota Road
    Jefferson SD, 57038
    (605) 966-5490

    Dakota Harvest Website
  • Burbach’s Dairy

    Hartington, NE

    Our family takes great pride in the milk we produce. We are sure your family will enjoy it as much as ours!  We believe our milk tastes better because we seal the freshness into the glass bottles. Our products are pasteurized and homogenized in our bottling facility, located on our farm. Our milk does not get hauled in tankers and does not wait several days to be bottled. Our milk is on the shelf within 24-48 hours of being produced.  Our milk is produced and processed on our family farm, which gives the best quality product possible in the best container possible: glass.

    55670 880 Rd.
    Hartington, NE.

    Burbach's Dairy Website
  • bloomsorganic

    Crescent, IA

    bloomsorganic is a family business located just outside Crescent, Iowa, farmed by Rebecca Bloom, with help from her husband, Brent, and sons, Alex and Eli.  They are USDA Certified Organic with Iowa Department of Agriculture. The farm produces  berry fruits, culinary herbs, and a large variety of vegetables, including tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, greens, and root crops.   They like to grow heritage and heirloom varieties whenever possible. bloomsorganic also grows flowers and food garden plants.  They market their products through various local markets, restaurants, and community supported agriculture.

    bloomsorganic website