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Collaboration – Artists

  • Jennifer Radil

    Vintage Map Artist

    Jennifer Radil uses vintage maps, paint, pencils and coiled string, to create collaged topographical maps unlike those you've seen in any atlas. Her large map of Nebraska titled "Grassland and Grit" was commissioned by the restaurant, and shows diners the locations of the farms and ranches from which their food is sourced. A registered art therapist and teaching artist, she balances facilitating creative opportunities for others with creating her own work, out of her Hot Shops studio. Prints of "Grassland and Grit" are available for purchase at The Grey Plume Provisions.
  • Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture

    Architect | Interior Designer

    Design is an act of optimism – the hope that all who are touched by the space will be enriched by it.  Our creative, collaborative, participatory design process melded perfectly with the objectives set out by Clayton Chapman for The Grey Plume. Clayton’s philosophy of blending innovation with tradition and sustainability with the exploration of new culinary experiences led us to a design solution we hope will embody that nod to tradition with a forward expression of contemporary design.  The sustainable design strategies incorporated are gentle to the environment, both during construction and in the ongoing operation of the restaurant.  We hope that all who experience The Grey Plume find it a warm, welcoming and friendly place to be.


  • Luke Greving

    Wood Craftsman

    Luke Greving began woodworking at age four, a talent which took root and was nurtured by his father, a carpenter by trade. Greving’s choice of materials parallels The Grey Plume's vision and is an example of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Greving salvages and reuses lumber from old barns and buildings, thus breathing life back into materials that otherwise would have gone to waste. His diverse catalog includes custom furniture made of reclaimed lumber and benches made from salvaged house doors. He is a graduate of South Dakota State University and resides in Omaha. His workshop is located in his hometown of Alton, IA. Greving crafted the restaurant's host stand, waiting area bench and herb box out of a recycled barn from Ramsey, IA.


  • Ed Fennel

    Glass Artist

    Crystal Forge glass studio has been operating for three years at the Hot Shops Art Center in downtown Omaha. Crystal Forge produces fused and blown glass to be used by stained glass fabricators. The facility also serves architectural clients.  Fennell built all of The Grey Plume's bread and butter dishes out of recycled wine bottles and blew the glass pendants that hang from the bar.


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  • Caleb Coppock

    Artist | Motion Director

    For the past decade Caleb Coppock has worked as an art director, designer and animator for a variety of national and international clients. Coppock earned a BFA in sculpture and new media from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2007. For the restaurant he made an encaustic painting out of local beeswax and reclaimed wood — his rendition of the topographic view of the Platte river.  He lives in Omaha with his wife, Daphne, balancing his freelance design career with an active studio practice.


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  • Robert Dewaele

    Wood Craftsman

    Robert Dewaele describes his work as "subtractive sculpture rather than additive." He starts with an object — a mass — and takes away from it to achieve his goal.  The shape of the raw wood determines the task ahead: "The material is first and I conform to it." He studied at Iowa Western Community College and Bellevue University, learning clay, casting and wood sculpture.  Dewaele has shown his work at the Village Art Gallery, the Passageway Gallery and the Artists' Cooperative Gallery in the Old Market. His work is found in various places around Omaha/Council Bluffs, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, New York and Toronto. Dewaele hand-carved our bread boards and salt trays out of recycled oak.


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  • Colin Conces


    Colin Conces' photographs reflect a reverence for nature, the splendor of the earth, and the people who dwell on it. His keen gift of perception allows him to creatively capture genuine moments in time. Conces was mentored by Don Doll S.J. while earning a bachelor of arts degree from Creighton University. He has photographed the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, political demonstrations in Kosovo, world leaders and local celebrities.  Colin took the photo of the Platte River that is showcased at The Grey Plume, which will rotate with the seasons.


  • Daniel May

    Mixed Media Artist

    Daniel Joseph May has been drafting and painting since the 2000 and selling work since 2004 in the form of Fine Art and Design. He has traveled Europe and Mexico and quickly became fond of traveling. Daniel took Art History Courses at University of Nebraska at Omaha. After, he worked as a landscape drafter and designer, photography assistant, interior and faux painter. Later Daniel left Omaha and travelled the country working in the industrial trades, as well as conceptualizing designs and creating artwork in his spare time. Currently Daniel is living and producing work in Lincoln, Nebraska.


  • Dan Toberer

    Clay Sculptor

    Dan Toberer received his B.A. from the University of Nebraska and has been working in clay for eight years. Toberer started Omaha ClayWorks with Tom Harnack in April of 2000. Together they built an anagama kiln in the summer of 1998.  Toberer built the planters at the entrance of The Grey Plume out of indigenous Nebraska clay.  These planters serve as rain barrels and the water is used for the restaurant's herb garden. Website: Hot Shops Website
  • Thomas Prinz

    Abstract Artist

    Thomas Prinz is the principal of ARC-STUDIO,  which was established in 1990 to explore the disciplines of art and architecture.  He received his masters degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Prinz painted the painting in The Grey Plume entitled "Nebraska Land."
    "Living in Nebraska most of my life, I have always been inspired by the midwestern landscape of the Platte River Valley.  As an abstract artist I try to capture the spirit of this landscape."<


  • It’s All About Bees

    Candles & Food Products

    "It's All About Bees!" is a family-based business started in 2000 by Wendy Fletcher, soon joined by her mom, Margi Fletcher. Using her dad's honey, Wendy and Margi make a variety of products including jam, jelly, salsa and sauces and body care products. It's All About Bees made the beeswax candles at The Grey Plume bar.

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  • Dorothy Tuma

    Photographer | Artist

    Dorothy Tuma is best known for her black and white architectural photographs. Published nationally and internationally, Tuma's images center around her love of nature, particularly rural vistas.  Dorothy wants to capture the family farm and environs before they change forever and are lost and forgotten.  

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  • Connie Christian


    Artist's Statement: It is through my art that I express my life's moments...The soaring joys and the consuming sorrows. I embrace this connection we share for the truth and value it as a community in the hopes of bringing us together as one.