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05 Beignet 05 Canned Vegetables 05 DriedTomatoes 05 DuckFatDonut 05 ElkManyWays 05 Honeycomb 05 Mortadella 05 RoastedBird 05 VegetarianDish 05 Watermelon App 3 ChevreAgnolotti 3 ColumbiaRiverSalmon 3 DuckFatFries 3 HalfRabbit 3 Latte 3 WinterGourdBisque Amuse Potato Appetizer Charcuterie b Appetizer Scallop Appetizer Tartare Dessert Chocolate3 Entree Trout Extras ClayPlate Extras HoneycombGarlicEtc b Extras Meats Extras Meats b Extras Meats c Extras Rolls TGP Amuse Cucumber Cantaloupe TGP Amuse Pumpkin Maple Panacotta 005 04 Web TGP App Foie Vegetable Crudite TGP Entree Rabbit 3Ways TGP Interior 01 TGP Interior 02 TGP Interior Bar 002 TGP Interior Bar Wine Rack 04 Web TGP Interior Chef Table 04 Web TGP Interior Glasses TGP Interior Roaster 04 Web TGP exterior 01

Photos by Brother Todd and little guy design


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